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What is Check-in & Check-out time?

Check in time is 2PM & Check-out time is 12.00 Noon.

Where is the hotel located?

Tucked in a cozy area along the coast line, the Palm Beach hotel gives you a glorious view of the Bay of Bengal.

Do you have smoking or non-smoking rooms?

Non- smoking

Do you provide transportation from hotel to airport? If yes what are the charges?

Yes we do provide transportation. Please contact the reception to know more.

Do you have bathtub and cubical shower?

Yes , we do and we’re certain you’d enjoy it. Please contact the reception for more details.

What are the places for sightseeing nearby to your hotel?

Please refer to this section (Visit)

Do you have a Gym in the hotel?

But there are about 27 gyms in the vicinity. Kindly contact reception for assistance.

Is it safe to go outside on the public streets?

Yup, you unaware twit. It is. Come see. Or Yes, it’s absolutely safe.

Do you have parking available?

Yes we do.